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Forever Service Plan


How it works

With the cost of bots going up in the recent years the parts and service have become expensive.With the forever service plan your worry free for the life time of your bot.The service plan covers all damages to your bot.Check out the options below.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.33_edited.jpg

Basic Plan





-camera/transmitter(on the bot)

-power distribution boards

-Leds drivers/controllers 

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.36_edited.jpg

Premium Plan



-All Basics coverage +

-Water Damage

-Return Shipping from us to you

-HD digital controller($700 peace)

-Any Damage to the bot, controller or case

-10% OFF new bot purchases

Ready to sign up?

Fill out this form if your ready to sign up or have if you have more questions.We will reach out to you asap.

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The Fine Print

  • *Forever warranty means as long as your payments have been made and or are up to date your bot repair will be covered under these terms. If in the future parts become unavailable do to reasons out of control of crawl bot a similar part or product will be installed in the original parts place. All warranty sales are final. Customer signs up for a 12 month one year period. To be paid at once or a monthly payment for the 12 month term starting the month customer sign’s up. If robot is sold or a new bot is purchased existing time left on extended warranty is transferable as long as new owner registers new bot and updates payment info if on a monthly payment plan. Basic plan does not cover water damage and or shipping for any bot repairs.Basic does not cover Hd digital remote controls. Premium covers any damage no questions asked including water damage. Premium includes return shipping for any repairs or maintenance up to 3 times per year.After that shipping cost would be bot owners responsibility. Coverage starts 30 days after first month is paid for unless it is purchased along side a new bot order.

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